With Guns Like These, Who Needs Enemies?

Man buys gun. Man doesn’t clean gun. Gun loges bullet in mans hand.

  • kP

    That’s not “Gun loges bullet in mans hand” – more like a minor injury – he’s pretty lucky.

  • SMC

    I’d like to point out that this is an FN 5.7. One of the newest pistols firing one of the newest cartridges.

    Heh. Cutting edge my a$$.

  • gcq

    Shocking, not what I would expect from a top of the line Fabrique Nationale.



  • old dog

    If you read the blog published by the man in the picture you’d understand what happened. it was a defect in the gun that caused the explosion, not a dirty gun.

  • Dave

    what was the flaw? plastic?
    maybe he should stick to water pistols, maybe we all should.

  • V. Morghulis

    old dog is correct. This guy was firing it at the range, and a round fired out of battery. This means that the gun allowed him to pull the trigger and fire the bullet before the round was fully inserted into the chamber (which helps form a seal). This has nothing to do with how clean/dirty the weapon was, firing out of battery is a defect in the design.

    Also in response to kP: bear in mind that he has a piece of the brass perminantly lodged in his hand now about in line with his middle finger.

    The consumerist did a write-up about it a little over a week ago.

  • FU Arock

    It looks like ammo that SteyrAUG and his special friend Hemi-Cuda reloaded while hugging each other and playing with airsoft.

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  • anonymous

    Future Darwin Award candidate.

  • new trick

    @ Old Dog

    Yeah, whoever posted these pics has no idea what exactly happened. Check out consumerist.com . They also had an article about what happened to this guy and his gun. Very misleading headline. Brain Goodbye’s brain obviously took a vacation.

  • V UNIT

    I love guns

  • anon


    Don’t buy a plastic (composite) gun.

  • Derek

    In Response to Number 2, It is a top of the line fire arm, however, any high grade small arm is susceptable to failure if not cleaned and maintained often, if not daily.

    Also, ive seen this happen at the range and the injuries were much more dire. Its not a defect in the gun so much as it is bad luck. The round didnt make it into the chamber before it was hit with the hammer. These sorts of chamber explosions usually ARE the result of poor maintinance.

    Try racking your rounds like the soldiers do, by tapping it on something hard to make sure they line up properly.

  • calamity


    This was not caused by a dirty gun. Here is the thread at thehighroad.org where these pictures were posted. Enjoy.

  • Was this gun made in China??

  • Harkey Malarkey

    Here’s how we solve part of the nation’s crime problem. We don’t ban guns, we ban the CLEANING of guns. We all know that if guns are banned then only criminals would have guns. Well, that argument easily extends that if you ban cleaning of guns then only criminals won’t clean their guns. If criminals don’t clean their guns then they will have a bullet fired into their hand. This necessitates a trip to the ER at which point they will be arrested, as this type of injury would be indirect admission of their criminality.

  • cornelso

    I have fired thousands of rounds through a five-seven and have never had a problem. This could have happened for a variety of reasons. An overloaded powder charge in the cartridge, a piece of weak brass that got missed by qc, or a problem with the gun itself. Sometimes you just hit a spot of bad luck.

  • AngeredKabar

    It was not a defect in the gun, nor was it caused by fouling. The shooter was trying out some new hand loads, and the round that KBd was loaded too hot.


  • mikemm5

    uhh the extension of the argument “if you ban guns, only criminals have guns” would be “if you ban cleaning, only criminals clean” ….modus fail.

  • use a revolver

  • JJ

    Those rounds are not pistol rounds, they are heavier.

    Pistol rounds do not have a shoulder like that.

  • CG


    wrong, these are pistol rounds and look like a small version of a .223. I have a 5.7 and have fired 1K rounds with only one jam. best gun I ever had. I suspect the guy did hot load his own ammo. FN explains that burn timing i critical for this gun

  • hello

    quit it with the fucking logo
    dont give wrong descripts

  • K

    Pretty sure it’s “lodges.” And you need to cite proper sources and information.

  • brian

    thats why you CLEAN YOUR GUNS

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  • russell hibbs

    it was a mechanical malfunction….has nothing to do w/bad maint i hardly ever clean my XD and no problems.

  • Wow, that’s some crazy stuff. People need to learn how to handle them

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  • dave 2

    So the criminals are the only ones with real guns.

  • anon

    that statement was retarded. if the cleaning of guns was banned then criminals would be the only ones that still DID clean their guns…moron

  • antigun

    shame it didn’t blow his hand off. Any cunt who uses a gun deserves to die. Fools with your shitty guns kill thousands, not just fucking Americans but get sold or stolen to other countries to kill our people . You people suck dogs dicks !!!!

  • J

    Newest weapon, Newest round… That’s why they call it “the bleeding edge” of technology.

  • Do you even understand what happened, here?

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  • Dodgem250

    What I find to be totally fascinating is that the main damage to the gun is about the trigger guard and all of this guys injuries are on the crotch of his thumb, which should have been shielded by the pistols grip???????

    so, I almost wonder if this is some sort of attempt at making a law suit.

  • Bob

    Looks PhotoShopped to me!

  • J Wat

    Shut up morons. A hot “handload” caused the problem. As for you clean freaks did you stop to consider that this is a military grade weapon…you have to get it pretty fracking dirty to cause problems. I doubt some “range queen” could do that on a Saturday at the range. Screw you all, you stupid ass, couch cuddling REMF type, Walter Mitty, know it alls make me sick.

  • RatFink

    That round stock is crazy fast hot-loading it is just insane in my book.

  • poeple are dumb talking about banding guns.when poeple own them have fun n shoot them safe.its those poeple that are stupided n say shit that happends n causes tham to sacard of guns n anti gun pro fu n them anti huntters.i love them n u will never get mine bitch go fuck ur self.cause u dont like it n if ur a guy or girl u get ur dumb ass out here i dont tell u u cant have sex so get out of this world u trouble maker faget.

  • jim sadler

    And if we banned hands no one could hold a gun!

  • Ouche!! That will leave a mark, but from the looks of things this guy got off pretty lucky!

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