What to do with food when you’re bored.

Carved by starving children of Africa.

  • asdf

    Way to watermark stuff you didn’t do, you jackass.

  • what

    honestly, get your stupid logo off of this stuff.

  • God

    yeah. jackass.

  • wtf

    I agree with asdf.

  • wreoaiu

    There are starving people in the world and you play with food? How pathetic.

  • oirujt

    You play with food while others starve? How pathetic you are.

  • Cryspatus

    Yeah what the hell? You didn’t even take these pictures, why did you put your logo on it?

  • and he allowed these comments to be posted. what an ass.

  • hello

    it WASNT done by “starvin chidren”
    starving children EAT food, they dont play with it

    dont put ur logo on stolen pics

  • Andy and tom

    The watermark is on the pictures for some good ol fashioned self promotion, live with it, or find another site with the same pictures and enjoy them all the same.

    I think the starvin children comment was ironic, good job spotting that one.

    all of you have paid for an internet connection, if you care that much then you could give the money to aid organisations every month, instead you preach online in the belief it makes you a better person.

    Enjoy the pictures for what they are, art.

  • Laura Velasquez

    Hotties with bodies

  • Eva Hamilton

    Yeah!!!! Hot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! like my lover, and his brother’s pot