When Religion & Nails Do Go Together.

Wasn’t Jesus a carpenter anyways?

  • Kayt

    This is Leonardo DaVinci, not Jesus or any other religious figure.

  • Tron

    It’s Darwin you dumb ass(es), which is ironic considering he is the poster boy for atheist.

  • Actually, Tron, Kayt is right. That is Leonardo and not Darwin or Jesus. I guess you and the author have something in common, you’re both dumb.

  • WIENERpoopie

    And the whole nail and religion thing is a pun too…

  • mason

    no, kayt is right. its DaVinci.

  • Eric

    ummm no, thats da vinci

  • haha.. so much stupidity in one page… amazing…

  • kari

    no, kayt is correct that is leonardo davinci. very cool, still nothing to do with religion.

  • Ezra

    Dude, it’s Leonardo DaVinci, dumb sac a poo

  • Tony

    Darwin isn’t the poster boy for atheists, in fact I don’t think he even was an atheist. He wasn’t a Christian by the end of his life, but that doesn’t mean he was atheist. He very well could have been a deist.

  • allofyousuck

    wrong, wrong, wrong.

    it’s tom hanks.

  • lol

    hahah. It’s not the pictures alone that made me post this, it’s the comments! XD

    *agrees: it’s Tom Hanks*

  • Em

    Definitely Tom Hanks in Cast Away.

  • hayven


  • Josh

    Actually, Darwin went to semonary school.

  • Costanza

    and jesus was NOT a carpenter…maybe joseph was…but anyway that’s the most worldwide recognizable image of leonardo da vinci, so, it’s incredible that somebody posts it as jesus…also jesus died at the age of 33, and it doesn’t even look like a 33 yo…


    i think i’m stupid enough so i’ll stop…

  • yep

    yep.. Tom Hanks in Castaway

  • haha


    Forrest FTW!

  • gill066

    It’s obviously photoshopped. The shadows are all wrong.

  • notyou

    hey, isn’t that tom hanks?

  • rofl

    Darwin was agnostic, he lays out very clearly in his later statements that he doesn’t believe in christianity’s God, but leaves the possibility of something starting our universe.

    It’s Da vinci. you twits.

  • KingKevin

    Oh it’s just so shopped.

  • Phil

    that is not jesus, nor darwin, its da vinci, it couldnt be darwin because darwin wasnt born the year that drawing was made, and jesus is a fag and only losers would make art with him in it.

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  • You’re such a fucking dumbass.

  • hello

    rofl is right, but + it is shopped

  • Milena-izzle

    HELLO! Jesus WAS a carpenter you idiot and it’s not photoshopped. He used different types of nails!!! You can buy them shiny, dull, gold, or brass coloured

  • jojo

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