This Granny Is A Master With A Rod

Between servings of Metamucil and reruns of Matlock this old gal works out the new hip on the lake fishing.

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  • eeyoresdad

    Brutal, love it!

  • Dang!!! I want to know her secret for catching fish since I’ve never caught anything that big even once. I’m jealous.

  • Al

    Ya, you can only catch fish like that in Alaska. I’m assuming that’s where she caught them since that’s where the boats are registered. Pretty sure most of ’em are King Salmon.

  • Jerry

    go granny

  • t5

    ummm … these are some of the worst photoshops i’ve ever seen?!?! you can clearly see some of the fish just “magically floating” in the air. plz.

  • FPM

    I used to be a homeless rodeo clown but now I am a world class magician !

  • jim

    Nice! wish my grams was pullin in lunkers like that.

  • Dumbasses

    They are quite obviously all photoshopped. Would be sweet if it was real though.

  • Joe

    *cough* photoshop *cough*

  • Harry

    Wow, is one of those a giant flounder! I didn’t know they got that huge?

  • fish monger

    shoped they are all shopped thats the secret the person that did it put 3 salt water fish in the pictures when she is in a wooded area

  • Wow! She should come here to Mexico, we`ve got even bigger fish on my Island.. :p

  • Grandma got dragged overboard by a salmon…..walkin home from our house Christmas Eve

  • Kurt

    Idiots, these are not photoshopped, and yes they are taken in Alaska, we get these monster King Salmon (Chinook) all the time, the record sport caught King is 97 lbs. the largest commercial caught was 126 lbs. The fish you think looks like a flounder is a Pacific Halibut they can go into the hundreds of lbs. the largest I have seen was 985lbs. The largest I have caught was 418 lbs. it was 9 feet long. So no these were not photoshopped however some of them do have prospective (objects in the foreground versus those in the background) working in their favor to give the appearance of a larger fish.

  • Kurt

    one more note; the Halibut she is with looks like it is about 80-90 lbs and as to the person who uses the woods as proof of photoshopping, well sorry Alaska is a wilderness with lots of trees. You can stand among the trees and catch these monsters all across Alaska.

  • Oncorhynchus

    Its people like her that our pacific fishery is collapsing!

    Hey Granny why don’t release one or two you fish pig!

  • Juggo

    Get a guide! They know the good fishing spots so they should get you around fish. They’ll show you the technique to fish then it’s up to you to do what they say and learn from them. Ask lots of questions and remember what types of spots they fish and what they use for lures/flys. Then you can try on your own.

  • I’m going to go on a Alaska Halibut fishing trip someday soon and come home with some fishing tales. Here I am hoping to go fishing in Alaska and I find Granny living my dream.

  • jim

    worst photoshops ever. How many times can you use the same fish? How many times can you mirror the fish image? Seriously retarded.

  • Fishman

    The flounder is a halibut, and they get much bigger (esp. in Ak). As for the chinook, they are not “magically floating in the air”. You can clearly see they are hung on hooks or tied up with rope in every picture. Not sure about the “shopped” remarks, people tend to say that about any photo found on the web. The photos are probably taken with granny standing a few steps behind the fish to make it look bigger (an old fisherman’s trick). However, chinook that big are not uncommon in Ak.

  • Roach

    Photoshops, nay. Those are healthy good sized King Salmon, and One Halibut.

    If you notice how clean she is, she likely has paid guides or has her own boat to take her up the rivers like the Kenai or Susitna

    Halibut is definitely out in the sea though.

    Nice Catch Granny

  • MSgirl

    not photoshopped. in some of the pictures it looks like fish is in front of her hand, but anyone who knows anything about fishing knows you usually string them up by their gills. the hook is going through the gills, grandma’s hand is on the hook, making it look like the fish has been magically pasted on top of a picture of an old lady with her arm up in the airl. the end.

  • carly

    This is definitely photoshoped… I do it professionally

  • Mat

    Is it that she’s just a midget?

  • I live in AK

    you guys make me smile… Lots of old folks in AK are very active and go out and fish and hunt. These fish are obviously King Salmon, which live mostly in the ocean but do come up rivers to spawn. The “big flounder” is a halibut and I guess the largest i’ve seen is about 350lbs. I don’t know how big that lady is but i guess its around 180-200lbs. Also to the guy who refuted these pics on the basis of trees…really?
    Other than that you guys should try and make it up to AK at least once in your lives…lots of cool stuff to see and do!

  • john

    pretty obvious that you people need to get out more often! and away from your puters. real pictures, real fish and yes….only in alaska

  • Dave

    Shopped? It’s possible I guess but these aren’t even unusual pictures. You can see stuff like this in just about any fishing magazine since before photoshop was ever even dreamed of. Do you people just hit your damned stumble button and reply “shopped” to everything you see? Go to a sportfishing pier any afternoon during season and you can see real live people with big fish just like this.

  • Mikefromearth

    You’re an idiot.

  • Mikefromearth

    You’re an idiot too.

  • Mikefromearth

    Nice fish!

    They’re not photoshopped at all, if you think they are obviously you’re a 12 year old idiot just jumping at the bit to discredit anyone who has done anything cooler than you, which is everyone.

    They’re large salmon and an Alaskan halibut. And yes, there are wooded areas in Alaska. By the beach.. Stupid people…

  • johnboy

    mr profesional photoshopper, there is nothing in these pics that make them look photoshoped. but i guess anyone with a comp. thinks they are a professional.

  • OMG!!!! Granny how did you do that??? and why we don’t have that big salmo in Cyprus!? 🙁