This Asshole Will Set Up His Hammock Anywhere

The man needs to get a job or at least a glass of lemon aid.

  • Ryoko

    I love how the police are coming after him in the last one. Classic!

  • what is this?

    is it like,dude,you have gone too far now?!

  • How exactly is he an asshole?

  • umesh

    When police catch him they are defiantly kick his ass

  • That’s actually pretty unique. Wonder if he’s ever fallen.. I also love how the cops are comin for him in the last pic. classic.

  • sithchicken

    nice english loser

  • person

    The dude cop is even wearing the tight shorts like officer dangle.

  • Jabroney

    BFD – some douche from the GTA has his own hammock. Seriously, Gilligan called and wants his bed and hat back.

    And its “lemonade” not “lemon aid”

  • Curt Smack

    This sentence makes no sense. In that sense, it’s not a sentence.

  • DJ DoomKitty

    So I live right near the Toronto sign and where the last pic was taken and this guy is a friggin hero as is the photographer. The toronto sign faces a major highway, one of the biggest in the area. That took balls.

  • Jake

    What’s this guy’s name?

  • Retarded Kid

    when police catch him they are defiantly make apple juice and color books.

  • DaBuddha

    He should be able to do whatever the hell he wants.

  • Josh

    Is lemon aid some sort of health supplement? Surely a cool glass of lemonade would better complement the hammock experience.

    Excellent choice of final picture.

  • Toronto

    This is in Toronto. Cops aren’t the same. They’d probably ask him to get down nicely, but they’d want to know where to get such a good hammock.

  • Marcus Powermouse

    Is it illegal to hammock anywhere? If so, why?

  • kilo g

    how does he get out of the hammock?

  • Henry Svejk

    Come on, everyone knows that you can’t just do what you like. I knew this guy in Prague who used to hop instead of walk and we tolerated it for a while like any decent people but eventually they took him and threw him in the river. I mean, what did he expect? You can’t just do what you like. There are rules in society, not just laws. What would happen if everyone went around doing what they wanted? The world would be full of people hopping and lying in hammocks and the cops would be so busy tazering people and throwing them all in jail that there’d be no space for the murderers and then the murderers would be out there hopping and lying in hammocks and killing people. Is that what you want? Think next time before you go around putting your hammock up and lying in it.

  • What an Asshole

    Title and URL turned what would have been a pretty boring set of images into something hilarious.

  • nic

    has he ever even been in a hammock before? doesnt he know how easy they flip?

  • Debaser

    Presumably theres someone to take the pic, so they’d help him out. And how is he an asshole?

  • luke

    LOL! well said.. haha

  • Davey Jones

    This guys has a serious problem. I mean, you go around putting up a hammock in random places… and you don’t even have a beer or margarita. 😉

  • question of the year

    kilo g definately posed a fantastic question

  • Taz

    Out? How the hell does he get IN? Those things are tricky.

  • Fake

    dip shit, it is lemon aid…

  • You can clearly see that he’s wearing a harness in all the high up places…there’s no way he’d be able to do that sort of height without a harness…he doesn’t exactly look like the extreme jackass style dare devil type now does he?

  • bil

    somebody needs a job what a waste of life

  • Jabroney

    Your mom said it was anal, but whatever

  • that last picture is ottawa ontario.. that guys getting punched by those cops 100%

  • DJ DoomKitty

    Sorry Jimmy, the building in the back in Palais Royal in Etobicoke ON.

  • emmit

    Oh great! Another “look at me” picture. As bad as those idiots who go out in the winter wearing shorts. Very insecure