The Deepest Swimming Pool In The World

The last date you take your cheating girlfriend on.

  • Jeff


  • Jeff

    To all the boring people saying this is fake or ‘shopped, try googling “deepest pool.” If you want to criticize, try backing it up.

  • Nemo 33
  • Joe

    Why does it have windows?

  • Janekwa

    Wow, What if One did not know how to swim??? How deep is that pool and what is the temp?? Is there a combination or is it a solution?? There must be someone who knows the answer to this one!!!

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  • Dee

    Just looking at this makes me feel like I am going to have a panic attack. So, so deep!

  • harhar


  • Crazy_Insane


  • Crazy_Insane

    it has windows so they can see where the dead bodies are at

  • Freddy F

    totally shopped

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  • Pingback: Pool Diver Specialty Card! - Scuba Forum - Scuba Diving Forums and Discussion Board()

  • Nice one for the post, and the following comments that actually said something about the pool. I’d never seen it before and now I’m off to do some winter diving in Brussels come end of September. Might even sent you some pics of the dives.

    Peace and Hope


  • taltos22

    haha nowhere near sussex my friend it is in brussels in between uccle et drogenbos lol
    i live in bruxelles

  • taltos22

    triple lol!

  • catinthehood

    Who are the blog police? I see none. A blog can be what ever it wants, you can choose not to read it. You want rules for how you should write a blog then move to China, I am sure they will accommodate you. The only thing I don’t like about this page are the bashing, nonconstructive comments like yours. In fact the general negative attitude I find on most comments through out the web remind me of people driving in heavy traffic cutting each other off and giving each other the finger. We do this because the other people in the cars don’t seem like people to us. Now on the internet we see these pseudo names and not real people and feel we can say anything hurtful and mean because there are no consequences. Why propagate this bad mojo, it is tiring. Do something that inspires positive things once in a while.

  • Victoria

    There IS a huge swimming pool in Sussex. They’re just getting confused.

  • SO!

  • wow that looks pretty cool. i think i would be a little scared to go in there though.

  • I stumpled upon this page and enjoyed the pictures of the pool looking like a Lara Croft level.
    But the fun really started when I read the comments.
    Especially the one by Jimbob, expressing perfectly what I was thinking, and I quote:
    “This is why blogs suck.

    The poster gets the photos from somewhere else and gives no credit or explanation.

    Someone berates them for it.

    Someone berates the berator.

    Someone gives the location.

    Someone else gives another bogus location.

    Someone finally comes up with a link to the original.

    Someone replicates the link to the original (several times).

    Someone says it’s photoshopped.

    Add a pinch of appalling spelling and grammar, a good childish argument and a rare post that actually makes sense and there you have the average blog. This one fills the criteria perfectly.”

    Made my evening!

  • Although I don’t think blogs suck. I think they’re great.
    It should be “This is why blogs are great: these caricatural comments are hilarious”

  • web

    Jesus christ, that’s a DEEP pool! But why is the location nowhere on the page? I want to go there.

  • Pilli Cortese

    Aahah…yes it is in Brussels unfortunately…i wish it was here in London…!


    The Moon is Photo shopped, I can tell by the Pixels

  • SirDouche

    Have you ever heard of “Google”…

  • Natovr

    hehe 🙂

  • Natovr

    yes, it’s not

  • FatherCrow

    Just got back from Nemo33 dive. Great, but after diving for about 45 minutes you feel like you’re in a warm bath.

    And it is chlorinated, ugh. Prefer salt in my eyes than chemicals.

    Peace and Hope


  • smartone
  • moi

    …seriously….dude…come on

  • moi

    i love swimming, and i wish i could take a dip there.

  • Well… Guess I’m going to Brussels Belgium then.

  • hank

    did you really laugh out loud at a pool

  • hank

    then swim in a pool or um …. mabey the ocean

  • Kim

    Yep, just like you. Grow up and grow some wonder and imahgination you turkey!

  • Rai

    Oh yeah? Check this out.

    How photoshoped is it now?

  • K Co

    Hey,does anyone know how deep the pool is?! lol

  • Q

    is there gold down there

  • cassandra

    I don’t care if it’s real or not, it scares the shit out of me. I have nightmares about stuff like this. pretty interesting though.

  • Ann

    yeah, totally.

    the only person in the world who has enough time to photshop that many pictures to look that realistic is you, douchebag.
    just because something is cool doesn’t mean it’s photoshopped.

  • fuckbog

    Oh! clueless, inconsiderate posters eh? How about you just being a lazy fuck….Go and look up the facts yourself instead of sitting on your arse complaining …!!!

  • vsunrise

    Isn’t it just for dive training anyway? not recreational

  • A giraffe could so swim deeper than that…

  • bill

    eh the pool in my backyard is way deeper

  • goopy!


  • garyl

    I think this is wonderful–such a great place to learn how to scuba dive with people around. Where is it?

  • Some descriptions would have been cool indeed.
    However, I like the pictures.

    Maybe someone is willing to do some research and writing an article about it.

    I would really like to take a scuba class there.

    Thanks anyway!

  • Kyla

    Thanks. Inspire the positive and thank goodness we don’t have “blog police”. We can all move on if it doesn’t interest us. I like interesting photos AND informative, thoughtful blogs. There is happily room for both.

  • brussels belgium my friend