When Hail Storms Attack!

The Gods Are Angry My Friends

“In Manhattan, no vehicle was spared at Briggs Auto Plaza, and in the airport parking lot travelers will come home to find their windows shattered and damage making their vehicles not even able to drive.”

Source [1]

  • Ouch!!

  • A

    Should blur out those license plate #s =\

  • Joe

    Lived through one of these once… Hail the size of golf balls up to soft balls. When they started hitting the roof of our house, it was crazy. BTW, ours was caused by a tornado flipping horizontally or so we were told. It was more likely al queda.

  • Jack

    WHY should you blur out those license plates ?

    What could someone possibly do ?

  • KSU06

    Manhappenin got slammed! Go Cats!!!

  • Jon

    Yet another reason not to live places where that happens (looking at you, Texas!!).

  • Mooo

    Yeah, that’s just creating a problem out of nothing. Chill out, and enjoy this without worrying about people exploiting this in some way…jeeeeeez.

  • William

    We just barely missed this storm. we were there the day before and left to colorado. they were warning about tennis ball sized hail coming that way.

  • bert

    guess jesus didn’t give a shit about that owner’s little made-in-china jesus fish either. jokes on you, fool.

  • Spii

    Yeah, we have the same thing in Germany. The Hail storms come unforseen and cause great damage.

  • Jeff

    On that last pic you can see how the tint film held the whole window together – on all the other cars with no tint, the entire sheet just shattered..

  • dude

    Screw you dumbass, it doesn’t look like the atheists cars fared much better. Intolerance is the mark of a very very weak mind; whether it’s religious, racist, sexist or ageist intolerance.

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  • Ken

    Hey dude, wouldn’t it make sence that the atheist’s car doesn’t far any better? Considering he doesn’t believe in an all powerful GOD that would protect him?

  • hello

    y no pics of PEOPLE who got hit?
    mustuv been torn apart

  • Nice website!!

  • bob

    Hi this sucks

  • Corella

    umm…is anyone not seeing that every single license plate says Kansas…yet the storm apparently occured in manhatten? (new york) or am i mistaken here…lol

  • Thanks !! very helpful post!

  • cloud9ine

    Manhattan, KS home of K-state. Thank you.

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