OMFG Look Out Behind You: 30 Examples.

  • Krissy

    Can’t believe you didn’t include the super villain one:

  • Scooby pic is too good, what a timing!! Very funny pics 😀

  • I’m not dumb

    Yes it is Michael Cera.
    It’s actually a picture from when he was in high school (not too long ago actually)
    It popped onto the internet as a way for the kids in the front to become “famous” since it’s a picture with Michael Cera in it

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  • Hilarious!!! LOL!! The kid in the 7th pic looks like Chucky the doll :X

  • FunnyFinder


  • jeff

    funny how everyone here seems to know when a pic if fake. dumbasses

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  • admin

    27th actually

  • 28th!

  • Joe Schmo


  • chuck


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  • fail report


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  • Common Sense

    that’s a goose, not a duck. Dumbass

  • Luke

    Most? yeah i can only see 5 that are fake (dancing cats & 2 below that one, cat behind tree and arnold behind bush), out of 30 pictures, but to be honest it really doesn’t matter, you could have at least added on to your comment instead of being quite a halfwit. They were tastefuly funny might i add.

  • Excellent stuff!! I had seen some similar posts that usually repeat most of the pictures, but this is the first time I’ve seen most of what you’re sharing. The face of the kid in the backseat is hilarious, so it is the expression of the naked dude sitting beside the two girls at the beach. Thank you for sharing.

  • Keefer

    i like the guy with the top hat in the first picture….

  • daniel

    I see a lot shopped:
    – bike accident (22)
    – dancing cats (24)
    – stealing goose (26)
    – cat behind tree (29)
    – arnold behind bush (31)
    – humping dogs (13)
    – scooby doo (18)
    – shitting dog (21)

    Also some are staged:
    – drinking from glass (6)
    – guy with axe (28)

    And some are just not accidents:
    – down syndrome guys (11) – they all look weird because they are sick
    – naked guy (15) – you can see on the girls faces that they intended to get him in that shot
    – two girls (17) – these are just two girls fooling around… no ‘look out behind you’
    – four girls (27) – same as above

    So 14 out of 31 are obvious fakes (or don’t fit the theme). There may also be a few fakes that were better made.

  • Ann

    Haha, I loved these pictures! And no, I don’t think they are fake!

  • Leather Goat

    um..who cares dumbshit

  • Amanda

    So funny!

  • ur showing nice butt need more seximent nudism hehehahaaha pa gyud?

  • TardFuck

    Obviously you do, fucktard.

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  • dumbass

    FAILED..Its a runner duck Dumbass!!

  • Jeeves

    why does everyone cry Shopped! Shopped! Oh my god that is so shopped!! WHO GIVES A SHIT!!!!!??????

  • Luke

    Ah yeah i was thinking fake in the context of “shopped” images but yeah, now i see. Also, to the two people above, the only site you should be on is 4chan.

  • Metaphysical
  • moohoohahaha

  • Lizzie

    You really need to do something more fun with your free time dude.

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  • marcotoopolo

    Shopped means photoshopped. No need to be so…cranky…when people are looking at these sites, why do they get so fucking uptight??

  • marcotoopoloh

    Its not supposed to be funny cos they have Downs Syndrome, its because of the guy behind. Another guy said something similar-for people so PC and sensitive, you hone in on it when its irrelevant

  • AssClown

    Grammar is like kryptonite to you, huh Sparky.

  • Hey! Glad you like my thieving duck and you’re using my wp-super-cache plugin too!
    The thieving duck was taken in Chicago in 2005, very lucky of me as the photoshoot just happened to take place as I walked by!

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  • annie

    i thought so too!!! <3 michael cera

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  • Drip McRuns

    Who the fuck cares? They’re funny and that’s all that matters, fuckwits.

  • Harley

    I love the fat chick in the back where all the girls are checking out their back ends. I know how it feels ! hahahah LMFAO

  • Shopped or not – funny stuff. Anybody that can’t see that should take a pill or something.

  • andrew


  • waw


  • _xxx

    show me WHO CARES?

  • Awesome, loving the bike crash one!

  • Mark

    I stumbled upon this as well, funny.

  • me


  • LOLs