OMFG Look Out Behind You: 30 Examples.

  • Tyler

    Isn’t that Michael Cera in one of ’em?

  • hahaha funny shit

  • Mike Michaelson

  • Micháel


  • Anonymous


  • bright blue kamikaze goldfish

    AHAHAHAHAHA, love the one with the duck stealing her moniez

  • pissedoff

    Most of these are fake.

  • juno

    hey the guy from juno is in one of those! michael cera i think?

  • kp

    some of them are funny.
    many seem to have sexual preverts behind them!

  • Alletron

    Is that Michael Cera?

  • Jimguru

    all ‘shopped

  • confires

    lol governator right behind u :~)

  • Holy crap. These are funny. Some of them are just really interesting.

    Good post.

  • I laughed so much with this. They’re great.

  • Cruel

    Having the 11th photo here is just cruel….

  • Ben and Max

    Hilarity ensued. And it was good.

  • LOL … good stuff.

    I like the thieving duck, the scooby doo, and the girl on the beach scratching herself the best.


  • The picture that shows the little kid in the back seat is the best. That little dude looks evil!

  • I have seen a few of them before, but most are new to me! Very funny!

  • Oh dear, these really made my day. Thank you!

  • Is it just me or is Michael Cera in one of these pictures?

  • Jen

    Oh lookie. It’s Michael Cera.

  • excellent! 🙂

  • Loved every picture. I cannot believe moments like these can go undetected at times, for example the two people kissing while the one man sips from the straw.

  • um some of those are shopped,
    but that one near the middle…
    it that um… michael cera? (superbad/juno)

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  • Buffy

    OMG LMAO too much funniness!1!!

  • 10th from the bottom…Vienna, Austria! W00T!

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  • Stumbled across this, very funny…

  • glenn


  • Devon

    is that michael cerra?!

  • Browning
  • riddled mirror

    These are so fake.

  • Surprise buttsecks

  • Wow that was funny. Good compilation sir.

  • Bill

    Seriously, do people just wander the net, looking for sites with these, then hork them all and put them on their own site? I’ve seen all of these…on other pages…just within the last few days.

    I’m just sayin…

    I know people say there’s nothing new under the sun, but c’mon…dredge up some original content.
    Okay, I give..there were two I hadn’t seen recently. Been a while.

  • Me

    Half of you people are f*cking idiots. Any picture that is posted on the internet is not ‘shopped’. Grow up.

  • ace

    WE GET IT IT’s Michael Cera… now can anyone tell me WTF is he here?

    Good Post, I lol’d frealz

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  • Moi Cyn

    don’t care if some of them are photoshopped i enjoyed them all — well, except for the charles manson-look-a-like character sitting on the wall with his pants off — he was kinda scary. The Gov. and Pres at the bottom was pretty good — shopped or not.

  • ahahah

  • dags


  • MasterNetHead

    Holy shit, it is Michael Cera. Didn’t catch that the first time through.

  • Good collection!

  • Sheen

    Picture with the black guy with a weird face, #10, why should he look out behind him? =/

  • masshole

    no silly he wat the make out people lookin out fo cuz he and that other chic lookin scary.

  • masshole

    they aint makin out they just really wierd =)

  • amandrynorange

    thanks ace, i was getting pretty tired of people asking if it is michael cera! so what if it is? And see if a THOUSAND people before you are saying the same thing before you post!!!