Fast Food In Beijing Is A Little Different

First you must find a place to eat.

Then try Star Fish fried in Shark Oil.

On to Baby Sharks, Deep Fried Star Fish and Sea Urchins.

The appetizers continue with Turkey Vulture Schnitzels, Sea Snakes and Silk Worms.

Ohhh whats the smell? Could it be Grilled Snake? Yes, yes it could!

Theres more to this feast when we enjoy Dog Liver and veggies.

Ahhhh the feast de la resistance – Goat Lungs and Red Peppers.

With your choice of Cow Stew or Horse Stew!

Or perhaps a bowl or Dog Brain Soup for the canine lovers out there.

For dessert we’re enjoying Lizard Legs & Scorpion Brochettes.

Be sure to ask the Sous Chef to pack up a doggy bag of Black Scorpions, Silk Worms, Dung Beetles and Cicadas

Oh! I almost forgot how much grandma loves Grilled Snake. Two please.

  • ECKS

    OMG i’ve been there, the food is actually pretty good to eat, oh and btw they also sell animal genitals, and scorpian and dragonfly is nice

  • mr_stedman

    Thank the Dark Gods I lived in a priviledged country where we get real food instead of this disgusting mess. Seriously, I thought SPAM was bad until I saw this site….

  • kristina

    you guys are fucking gross

  • Jen

    How does exotic foods lead to human rights again?

    lol i went there before too, and couldn’t eat most of the stuff that they sell there either. but when u think about it, what’s the difference between eating those things than shrimp, or beef, or chicken? they are all animals, just cuz we raise them we can eat them? and i’m pretty sure they raise the things they sell there anyways. there’s laws in china protecting endangered species too u know. if they caught them in the wild they can’t sell them that openly. at least not in the capital city right under everyone’s eyes. and if it’s endangered species, they won’t be selling them for $1

  • Jen

    and how does what people eat make them look bad? it only makes people look bad because society make people judge each other based on things like appearances etc. and how do we know what a country is really like without even going there? why do we believe everything they cover in the news? although there’s less censoring here, what they report through the media is still biased. people who are rich and powerful still has more control over the media. and i personally think that it’s really bad that they are politicizing the olympics sooo much. ugh

  • Julians

    No wonder sea creatures around the world are going extinct . . .

  • he who does not identify

    i swear i just saw some of these same pictures on cnbc!!!

    somebodies using someone elses pictures……..

  • Laura

    Look, the Swedish eat some sort of fermented fish (kept in cans for months) called surströmming and in southern Europe they eat horse, rabbit, snails and eels. Not to forget that the Spaniards eat the lamb’s brain, eyes and intestines. Every culture has eating habits that would seem disgusting to some other. In the end, nobody’s forcing anyone to eat anything…

  • Nimitz68

    To Brian McNally:

    Food doesn’t make you stupid or lazy. And you can gain weight from eating too much of any food. Nice try troll. I hope you’re not teaching these fallacies to your students.

  • Desi

    A lot of those things are endangered (like the seahorses and some species of sea stars, for example). It should be highly illegal sticking an endangered species on a stick and then deep frying it for the delight of humans, but obviously China (and a lot of other countries) doesn’t give a damn about which species lives and which one dies. It’s nothing new to me that animals are treated like garbage, but it’s disgusting how some people here actually think it’s amusing.

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  • Jason Craig

    There’s a place on Earth for all of God’s creatures… right next to the soy sauce and rice noodles.

  • Buddy

    I’m American, and I think all that stuff actually looks pretty damn good. Seriously, I want to try everything there at least once.

  • Ted

    Any society that includes dog as a normal and accepted part of their diet gets no love from me. There are just some things that are WRONG.

  • heartfelt

    whew!, visceral reaction strong, but then some foods internationally seem wierd but are good and this is impressive embrace of difference.

    fun to be ignorant but more fun to be open and enjoy experience all like our bro’s and sis’s next door.

    in canada we eat fish parts ;eye,cheek,liver,belly…seal, whale, wild game,albertan ‘oyster'(groundhog balls), regular oyster, …

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  • Destroythecore

    in America, we like to eat corn syrup, dollar bills, and advertising.

  • Fats-T

    And we all thought Chicken Chowmein with a side of Sweet and Sour Pork in a styrofoam container would be on every street corner.

  • JG

    And only the locusts are kosher!

  • JG

    Why dog brain soup and no cat brain soup?
    Simple; It takes 30 cat brains to fill a thimble.

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  • dk

    oof man ……….. this is the most amazingly disgusting array of dishes ive ever seen …. seriously ….. and those who are calling us ‘close minded’ it makes absolute no sense …….. what IS so closed mindedness about maybe sympathy for those poor fried animals who didnt do anything to us ….. and im not bloody lecturing ……. ppl need to get lives …. and im not blaming china or the chinese ….. infact theyll be the ones startint to boycott these alarming dishes ……. seriously dog brain!!!!!!! oh and if anyonw wants to ask me what i eat at kfc?? — i dont …. i friggin dont! im completely veg and god damn proud of that and secondly ….. im an animal activist ….. a little strong i might be but i know here im making sense!

    no offense to the chinese …… all offense meant to those who disagree with me ….

  • dk

    what is so close minded***

    to Jen #105
    what makes you think that you cant judge people who are game to eat anything??
    it shows so much if you ask me …. like how much theyd care for you if you were fried ….

  • Chris

    It goes to show how ignorant and closed off from the rest of the world America’s society is.

    I just came back from a week touring Beijing and Hong Kong and the street vendors shown in this blog are extremely rare and hard to find. And when you DO find them, it’s frequented 95% by tourists.

    I went to that exact street market in Beijing (Fujing) and tried a lot of the stuff on sale there and most of the stuff in the photos posted on this blog. It all varied in cost between 15 to 50 reming yuan which is between $1.50 – $5 an item (or kabob).

    While I was chomping away on my deep fried garlic gecko and deep friend emperor scorpions (the large black ones in the photos) MANY of the Chinese people walking the street looked horrified when they passed me. Only the tourists were eating the insects and bizarre menu items.

    This particular blog is inappropriately named because fast food in Beijing isn’t “different.” It’s very much like it is here in the states. Fast food in Beijing is KFC and McDonald’s; with a bunch of hole-in-the-wall soup noodle shops in the city.

    And as for the fried cicadas, scorpions, geckos, sea horses? They don’t taste any different from kettle chips and crispy chicken wafers. When people can start being less close minded and more cultured, you’ll find that there’s a lot of stuff you can enjoy eating outside of your comfort boundaries.

  • Angel

    This bastards are not happy just reproducing themselves as virus and polluting air while killing chinese, they also kill everything that moves and if you are interested in “chinese culture” try to find out how they kill dogs, not only for food but for fur, they take their skin while they are still alive, if we are not awared they could even kill our children, not for pleasure or to take their skin, but for fun. Death to China. Free Tibet.

  • brasil

    brasil il il il il il il il il il il

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  • I would eat there. not!

  • some chinese

    In case you are thinking that only chinese purposely skinned animals alive, you are definitely ignorant of the fur trade going on. Fur are usually skinned alive, even in america. Ask PETA and their campaign, they are not even directed towards China. Also, these disgusting, dirty, barbaric (and whatever you call it) food are designed for foreigners like you (Ah yes, you, to consumed). While Chinese do hunt endangered animals, most of these animals are by no means in danger. If you are talking about animals cruelty, talk about your own animals factory. Wonder what kind of feed going are consumed by the cows, in their minute quarters without their grazing fields, to cause the mad cow diseases. Who created the killer bees. Who bombed Iraq for no apparent reason. Whose supremaciset are so racist but just fall short of being NAZIs.

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  • rochelle

    eww that is gross and i feel sorry 4 da seahorses

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  • tiff

    pickled pig feet are the bomb =) yummy

  • I don’t think the most Chinese eat these stuff on day to day basis, it’s just a way to attract tourists 🙂

  • blab

    gross!!!!! people that eat dogs are just sick!!!! THey need help

  • blab

    it should be foridden all the time

  • 99% local people won’t eat them. Most of those stalls are just to intract people who don’t live in China. At least, most of my friends haven’t tried those things since they came to China.

  • anita

    The food looks not like something I want to eat at all, and I hope those who are saying it isn’t typical Chinese fare are telling the truth.

    Censoring people who say ignorant things like the above seems to me to be not the best solution. Unless it’s directly physically harming someone, I would ignore it. If it gains the writer of it nothing, then he will quit doing it; whereas if it gains attention, even negative attention, he’ll continue. Just saying.

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  • This affirms the lens which people view food.
    The Chinese thrive on “colorful” fast food snacks.

    Hope they will establish a good FDA.

    great photos

    keep writing

  • MMO

    That food looks DELICIOUS! And by delicious I mean repulsive… 😀

  • mmo

    so funy

  • wow so crazy!!

  • nm


  • bone appetite!!!

  • How do I find out the nutritional information for let say, Dog ? or Dog brains? What is in there nutritionally for us ?

    What nutrients are in a 3 oz portion of Dog liver?

    What about snake?

    Why can’t I find any of the nutrition information for any of these things?