Fast Food In Beijing Is A Little Different

First you must find a place to eat.

Then try Star Fish fried in Shark Oil.

On to Baby Sharks, Deep Fried Star Fish and Sea Urchins.

The appetizers continue with Turkey Vulture Schnitzels, Sea Snakes and Silk Worms.

Ohhh whats the smell? Could it be Grilled Snake? Yes, yes it could!

Theres more to this feast when we enjoy Dog Liver and veggies.

Ahhhh the feast de la resistance – Goat Lungs and Red Peppers.

With your choice of Cow Stew or Horse Stew!

Or perhaps a bowl or Dog Brain Soup for the canine lovers out there.

For dessert we’re enjoying Lizard Legs & Scorpion Brochettes.

Be sure to ask the Sous Chef to pack up a doggy bag of Black Scorpions, Silk Worms, Dung Beetles and Cicadas

Oh! I almost forgot how much grandma loves Grilled Snake. Two please.

  • James Martin

    I could totally go a few black scorpion kebabs right now. Those look awesome. I love the idea of eating insects… and fried monkey brains ever since watching Indian Jones and the Temple of Doom when I was little.

    I’ve eaten in a Tempenyaki restaurant in Japan where they cook up every part of the shrimp except for the brain and the eyes, however the legs and the heart all seem to go down the throat. Not attractive to watch, but satisfying to eat. Mentally it works for me, because I am eating the things that I don’t want to be alive.

  • I don’t know if its because its 5am, and I’m starving … but that looked tasty ๐Ÿ˜›

  • all things taste wonderful

  • Maox

    sbsb27: Spot on!

  • Well written!! If I’d only been blind or less European I’d order to full menu. On the other side I think Regalo (#9) is on to something…

  • aksmax

    I’m ok with extreme food and enjoy trying new things. But I gotta say, I think I’d draw the line at eating dog. I don’t think there’s an economic backing to it either, like we already use their hides or it’s cheap meat to raise. Considering the “family member” role of so many millions of dogs…it’s eerily close to cannibalism. Call me too western on this one if you want.

  • Comentator nr 9 (Regalo) is the only one who know what he is talking about.

    Locals do not eat insects. This is just a food stand for foreigners.

    I shot avideo at the same spot…

  • Anyone who says that they aren’t even a *tiny* bit tempted by the deep-fied starfish or the dog-brain soup is LYING. And snake-on-a-stick is the ultimate on-a-stick food. If you cook it crispy enough, you don’t even need the stick!

  • Bejjan

    Looks scary but tempting, I want to try the scorpions and the seahorses.

  • krob

    This is why the chinese are so skinny, they don’t like their cultural foods :p

  • Jim McDosh

    Dude, I think I would just go hungry. Surely there is a McDonalds and BK in Beijing?


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  • maik

    As bad as all the fucking fast food!

    You should taste it before talk about it

  • Q80

    Somebody please change the title and remove the word “Food” , and different is an understatement!

  • josh

    what the Fck

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  • Glenn

    Although I find every single item listed above utterly disgusting, I’m totally open minded enough to appreciate that whats gross to me is delicious to someone else, plus there are way more chinese people than me so I MUST be wrong.

    But why do they eat the whole thing? Like the seahorses, couldnt they fucking take the head off at least? And eating fucking dog brains? Why don’t they just eat their dead children? Oh, wait, I think they do that in some parts.

    I’m thoroughy enjoying the Olympics.

  • For all those closed minded: Hey guys, are you sure you’re eating real cow meat on the hamburgers from McDonalds or Burguer King? Is not more disgusting eating at KFC knowing you’re not eating real chicken instead a monster they create to gain more money? Think again…

  • Vide

    Just as a sidenote: even in Europe horses can be eaten (in Southern Europe it’s quite common). We even eat rabbits ๐Ÿ˜›

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  • gook on a stick

    Yeah??, why not just fry the snake, and skip the stick?
    it all looky very yucky-yucky-poo-poo

    Actuclly, China, thay do serve dog, a lot, but not during olympics…ok-ok?

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  • Tim

    Do. Not. Want.

  • CanadaEh

    @Rafa – RE: McDonald’s Beef and Chicken for KFC.

    In Canada, all meat is STRICTLY regulated. No chicken may be given steroids or any other chemical enhancement. ALL meat is constantly tested and reported on before and after it makes it’s way to the slaughter house.

    If you’re even in Canada, make sure you order a nice cut of Canadian Beef, it’s completely different than fatty US stuff!

  • On my blog I have a video on this street where I take one Scorpion, you can see the video here:

    ๐Ÿ™‚ It is funny for the first time…

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  • Jiggyz

    I read somewhere that you attain more protein per gram when eating a specific type of caterpillar from Africa than eating red meat. Considering that bugs are in abundance. I think we may have a solution to starvation. I have tried the fried crickets and it tastes nice and crunchy.

    I like the Chinese philosophy of aspiring to use the freshest ingredients, animals are slaughtered and sold on the same day forgoing any sort of preservation or packaging, vegetables are picked and sold on the same day. Now it might not be the same but the general thought is what counts.

    In the end though I’d encourage everyone to try something different.

    This kinda sums up what kind society we live in now hehe

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  • buzz442

    I really don’t believe this food is average cuisine for the chinese population. I think it is meant for shock value, kinda like how californians eat fish eggs, bull balls, and tofu. Most people have a less than disgusting diet and these things should not be portrayed as flagship cuisine. Although… many people will think this is normal and try to pretend that they like it, and that it’s upper class and sophisticated to eat… lol, I bet there’s a lot of chinese folks laughing their hamburger eating asses off.

  • Johan

    French food is worse.

  • I am a teacher in Beijing – My students eat worse stuff than any of this – they eat McDonalds, KFC, Subway and all the other things that make Americans fat, dumb and lazy – like me. They are becoming like us… ACK.

  • Bushi_Bia

    They eat anything that moves….and if it doesn’t move, they move it

  • tenktonk

    hehe, interesting stuffs.
    i’m gonna add the airplanes quote btw, here’s another famous one:

    “Chinese people would eat anything with four legs, except tables”

  • me

    They would have to pay me alot of money to eat one of those things!
    damnn nasty chinese people!
    i prefer japanese food anytime!!!
    Sushi yummy ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Cakes

    While it’s true that most Chinese probably don’t eat this stuff, all of these things can still be easily found in food markets in Asia. I spent three months in Thailand, Laos, and Vietnam and there was no shortage of bugs/dog meat/fried reptiles in the markets to eat (and the locals ate them!!) You eat what’s available, I guess.

  • Chinese are digusting,.. they eat cats, dogs, and RATS among other disgusting animals and insects. They eat *anything*

    Fuck the Chinks!

  • sharkba

    this is why i hate chinks, they make other asians look bad

  • mika

    re. Bake and Shark.
    Please check out the excellent documentary Sharkwater. It will change your mind (as it did mine) about buying another shark-related item. Please spread the word about the slaughter of sharks and the danger sharkmeat poses to children and pregnant women (as it is extremely high in mercury). Even if you don’t care about the animal, you owe it to yourself and future generations to protect the sharks. When they get wiped out (and they are being killed at a dangerously high rate), our oxygen supply (and obviously, health) will be messed up, as well. There are plenty of other things for us to eat without threatening our environment and future.

  • I’m not a big lover of meat and certainly not insects. But snake meat and all those sea food. Yum!

    It may look gross, I give you that, but sea urchins, sharks and star fish are awesome!

  • Sharks are OK


    You are VERY CORRECT about NOT killing off these beasts of the sea. The BS where they cut the fin and let them, sink is very bad.

    All of Gods crearues are here for a reason, and they balance, and killing something becuase it does what it does is ignorant.

    Kill off the bears,and deer population explodes.

    Like truning corn in to gas oline, and food prices sky rocket.

    We need to stop complicating things, and “let it be”.

    I saw a GREAT show on shark attackes, and it turns out that the tradional feeding/breeding grounds had been converted to a shipping port, this caused thesharks to move on,and attack humans…I feel guilty to be part of the human race that is doin this….PLEASE THINK..and let it be.

  • Tes

    I’d like to eat them

  • Man, is like the fear factor of fast food!

  • This-mentioned food is not so cheap for a regular Chinese. You buy fried snakes or sea stars as a present for your child and not a snack.

    Regular junk food is noodles, soup, and rice.

  • Oh my god…thats insane…


  • Wow !! a bowl or Dog Brain Soup ?? I see a documentary about all this food but they never mention the dog soup…. really, only for people who want to try new tastes !!

  • Puddles

    There is nothing wrong with other cultures food. For example many would not eat oxtails and I love them.

    I could probably handle everything but dog brain soup and dog lungs. My dogs are like little people to me and I couldn’t imagine anyone raising them for food. It’s horrible.

  • zer0nix

    sensor? SENSOR? how about instead i CENSOR your pathetic attempt at institutionalizing censorship, ‘mike.’ i’d rather stand beside a million racists than a facist bastard like you.

    racist and facist statements say much more about the person delivering them than they do about the people or activities being decried. of course, with free censorship, we wouldn’t ever fucking know the difference.

    for the record, i wonder if some of these ‘foods’ are meant for immediate consumption. starfish and seahorse are well known traditional medicines and i’ve never heard of people eating them like a corndog.

    you should know that when france was a reigning superpower, fowl of all sorts were considered ‘dirty’ and too foul for ‘civilized humans’ to eat. english food nomenclature is a lasting remnant of this era; we still call cow-meat ‘beef’ and pig-meat ‘pork’ when these are just common french words meaning ‘cow’ and ‘pig’ that are used interchangably by the french to describe the animal on the field or on the dinnerplate -just like the english word ‘chicken.’ i’m sure you know today that chickens and other fowl are routinely consumed and cherished as a food all over the contemporary ‘civilized’ world, including hoity-toity france, where land snails are a delicacy.

    food trends follow one basic rule: if it’s nourishing and tastes good, it’s fucking food. it may not be food to you but it’s food to someone and comparing eating these atypical foodstuffs with the morally repugnant barbarism of eating humans only shows what an ignorant, closed minded and uncivil human you are.

  • zer0nix

    -forgot to mention that a common chinese aphorism goes: chinese people eat all the animals on earth; if it flies, swims, crawls or runs, chinese people will eat them all.

    the saying, proudly recited, demonstrates the resourcefulness and open thinking of the chinese culture. i think it dates back to the confucionist era.

    an apt western analogy is the christian aphorism that grants humans sole dominion over all creatures on earth. the chinese just take it one step further ;p

  • robot

    Once I got to the picture of Dog Liver and Veggies without the Dog Liver or Veggies I knew you retards were making shit up. I live in Beijing and have been to this street, nobody eats any of the strange or unorthodox foods. It’s more like a joke to see what tourists will try to stuff down their mouths in an attempt to connect to the ‘authentic Chinese culture’.

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