Disney Characters’ Arrest Sketches A Dark Cartoon World

Magic Kingdom, Arkansas – Mickey Mouse, Tinker Bell, Peter Pan and Aladdin are among the accused. In toll, 27 well known animated characters were arrested Monday in a sting that Care Bear officials say shuts down the cartoon sex ring under investigation for over 17 months. More arrests are expected to be made.

  • Joe Schmoe

    Mickey Noooooooo!

  • Justin

    Leader of the notorious “40 thieves” Aladin was finally captured today

  • kirou

    you fail Aladin was not the leader of 40 thieve

  • ackbar

    he became the leader in the third aladdin movie. you fail

  • you fool

    he was being facetious…fail fail.

  • Scooter

    The judge denied bail to Tinkerbell. He was pretty sure she was a flight risk.

  • i do

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  • ackbar

    your mom fails

  • w00t

    hey, cartoons need some lovin’ too. don’t be hatin’.

  • Zack

    You all fucking fail. watch Aladdin 3 again!

  • darklooshkin

    Was it the discovery that alladin was originally from baghdad, the idea that peter pan lives in a jackson-style “neverland”, snow white’s hated stepmother suffered a horrendous death, that dorothy was recorded as having committed manslaughter on a high-power political figure known as “the wicked witch of the west” whilst another death was highly suspicious, that mickey mouse could be suspected of bestiality after going out with minnie mouse, that scrooge mc duck could be dodging taxes by holding all his money in the vault and may not be declaring them correctly or was it merlin’s living arrangements with king arthur when arthur was an undiscovered boy that spurred the investigation into happening?
    or was it just that, far from transporting kids to a magical fairyland, mary poppins was indicted for using hallucinogenics to get kids to sleep, based on evidence gathered by two unidentified children living in England and a girl only known as “Alice”, who was interned at a london rehabilitation after she was found repeatedly trying to clamber down a rabbit hole at the zoo and asking for “shrinking potion”?
    allegedly, the investigation had been going on for years, with most of the characters’ assets frozen during the proceeds. ironically, one of the funds frozen was supposed to pay for the maintenance of the patriarch’s cryostasis unit which, after several months of unpaid bills, was allowed to defrost until money came back in to switch it on again…

  • Justin

    wow.I never realised Id be taken so seriously…Must remember Im posting on the internet.

  • jordan


  • darklooshkin

    no worries, not serious, just nerdy fun…

  • ELBSeattle

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  • steve

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  • Lauren

    Lmfao. Never thought the good in cartoons would be sent to jail. Fail.